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Carpet Protection in Shakopee, MN and Surrounding Areas

To prevent further staining of your carpet, after cleaning, we can apply a carpet protection sealant to safeguard your carpet. It is not improbable that the day or week after you have professional carpet cleaning you will accidently drop wine, soda, or another liquid on your carpet. There's no use crying over spilled milk —or wine—because when you order our services in Shakopee, Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Savage, Prior Lake, Lakeville, Burnsville, Jordan, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota, your carpet stays cleaner longer! Contact us right away to make an appointment.

Stain Guard for Extra Carpet Protection

Shakopee, Minnesota, locals will enjoy our additional carpet protector that comes free with every carpet cleaning service. While other companies may charge extra for a post-cleaning stain guard—we want to thank our loyal clients for their business by providing extra, complimentary carpet protection. Keep your carpets stain-free—even from pets' accidents—between cleanings with this protectant. You won't have to get your carpets cleaned as often after we apply this carpet stain guard.

Shakopee, MN: Carpet Stain Protection

Now, for a limited time only, enjoy this exclusive offer for the clients of Hennes Cleaning. Receive carpet cleaning in three rooms in your home for just $129.99! Take advantage of this discounted carpet stain protection before it's too late. After we utilize our hot water extraction method, we apply your carpet sealer to truly protect your flooring from any new stains.

With the discounted carpet stain protection you receive in Shakopee, Minnesota, and surrounding areas, you can trust that your carpet will be protected for its entire lifespan. Our long-lasting proven carpet protective sealant makes your carpet easier to clean and upkeep, ultimately saving you money on premature replacement.

Protected Carpet in Shakopee, MN

Quality Carpet Stain Protector in Shakopee, MN

Our invisible shield against stains prevents substances from penetrating the carpet fibers. This provides the extra benefit of giving you time to clean a spill, knowing the substance won't immediately seep into the carpets. Especially with light-colored carpets, even one stain can take away from the appearance of the entire room. Don't let a simple spill ruin the home décor that you've worked so hard to perfect.

For a long-lasting, quality carpet stain protector, contact the professionals at Hennes Cleaning in Shakopee, Chaska, Chanhassen, Carver, Savage, Prior Lake, Lakeville, Burnsville, Jordan, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota.